TWO NEW EXAMPLES IN CREATING ROUTE DIVERSITY IN TURKISH TOURISM: TUNCELİ AND HAKKÂRİ The tourism is a phenomenon comprised of three important features: It has to be profitable, sustainable and responsible. Tourism in Turkey has "comparative advantages" in economic terms. As a person designing around 200 tours in Istanbul and around 180 tours in Turkey,
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Herodotus was the first to use the term Cappadocia, a word derived from the Persian “Katpatukya” meaning “a land of beautiful horses”. The land lies in central Anatolia within an imaginary quadrangle with corners at Aksaray, Kırşehir, Kayseri and Niğde. Tourists are concentrated in the triangle linking Nevşehir, Avanos and Ürgüp. The landscape of this

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Fashioned by nature, embroidered by man by Faruk Pekin A unique and bizarre landscape, neither lunar nor earthly, a surreal, incredible vision of shapes and colours, a “poetry in rocks”. An extraordinary region, unmatched in the world. A fascinating beauty. An appaling artistic treasure. An inincredible harmony of shapes and colors. An ideal landscape for

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In an idyllic river valley lies the city famed for its extraordinary beauty, Amasya. Faruk Pekin explores its rich history, diverse cultural traditions and fascinating sights. MY native town is situated in a deep and large valley through which flows the river Iris. It has been provided in a surprising manner by art and nature

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There are some cities which are comerstones in world history. One such is Istanbul, the only metropolis which has maintained its existence, with a thriving economic, social and cultural life, for around two and a half thousand years. Facing the old walled city of Istanbul on the southem shore of the Golden Horn is Galata,

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