Do people speak English in Turkey?
Especially at touristic places you can easily find someone to talk in English.
Do you tip in Turkey? If so, how much?
Yes, we tip in Turkey and generally it is not included in the check. You can tip 10 to 15%.
Are credit cards accepted easily?
Visa and MasterCard credit cards are easily accepted but it is helpful to carry a little amount of cash.
Is tap water drinkable?
No, unfortunately it is not.
How do you say Hello, Yes, No, Thanks, Please?
Hello: Merhaba Yes: Evet No: Hayır Yhanks: Teşekkürler Please: Lütfen
How do you greet people in Turkey?
We shake hands and kiss both cheeks.
Is it rude to take pictures?
No, it is not. But we suggest to ask for permission.
What are the big no-nos in terms of culture?
You can be careful with the hand gestures. Their meanings can vary from culture to culture.