Who Are We?

FEST Travel is a cultural organization and a travel agency offering a complete travel experience and works under the supervision of both TURSAB and the Ministry of Tourism in Turkey since August 1985.

The name FEST comes from FEST’ival and FEAST: Cultural Tour Feast.


FEST Travel is Turkey’s number one specialist in Cultural Tours, both inbound and outbound. As an international operator FEST Travel provides services to cultural organizations, tour operators, Travel agencies, Travel shops, trade-unions, NGO’s, group organizers and companies and to individuals. Our services vary from standard to luxury level.

We depend on FEST Travel’s 30 years of experience and unique resources in composing the best cultural, biblical, study and educational tours to Travellers from all around the world, using company-leased buses and salaried guides.

Our tours are carefully coordinated by our experienced staff to provide you with the most rewarding Travel experience of your life and all with a very convenient cost.

Tour directors are chosen for their expertise and their ability to bridge cultural gaps. They will guide you for learning while enjoying yourself.

On the other hand FEST Travel has invested on Cultural Tours combined with classical music and FESTivals all around the world. This unique brand called Notalı Rotalar ® (Musical Routes) has been another leader pioneer operation that has been going on for the last decade.

In 30 years of service FEST Travel;

  • Organized the best cultural, religious, archaeological, luxury, study and educational tours to Travellers from all around the world, using company-leased buses and professional salaried guides.
  • Created genuine 170 unique different itineraries in İstanbul and 200 different itineraries in Turkey.
  • Hosted very well organized meetings for 20-900 attendants.
  • Organizes tours to more than 190 different countries around the world with at least 220 different itineraries, every year including history, archaeology, arts, music and study tours.
  • Welcomed prestigious, intellectual clients from all over the world.

In doing so FEST Travel has always respected sustainable and responsible tourism. We have always embraced the natural, cultural heritage of all the destinations.

FEST Travel has laid the foundations and developed the true meaning of Cultural Tourism.